flexo printing plates

Making a good printing plate means not only understanding the printing technology itself, but understanding the technology of flexo and letterpress throughout their breadth. Our company has more than 20 years experience in the field of flexo printing, so we can provide our customers with professional services and service. Currently, we offer two cutting edge technologies: Digiflow / Pixel + and Kodak Flexcel NX.


Cyrel DIGIFLOW/Pixel+

  • An excellent combination of two follow-on technologies from DUPONT and ESKO,
  • Flexo blocks have flat raster points,
  • Increasing the color density by applying different types of structures to the surface of the
  • Stable print even in the most critical parts of motifs such as lights or raster gradients.

KODAK Flexcel NX

  • Innovative technology from Kodak,
  • Flexo blocks have flat raster points
  • Consistent color transfer and enhanced color gamut
  • Excellent raster stability even when printing large volumes.

plates for letterpress

We produce digital letterpress photopolymer printing plates. Possibility of supplying plates with a foil pad as well as a metal pad, both variations in multiple thicknesses. With the printing plates, excellent print quality is achieved on both traditional and non-traditional packaging materials.